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Top 6 Ways to Make Money Online Teaching Spanish

Regardless of whether Spanish is your first language or one of many that you have mastered to enhance your resume, teaching this language online can prove to be a serious money generating method. Spanish is in great demand around the world and thousands of online businesses require proficient Spanish professionals to enhance their existing business potential.

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Here are a few methods you can use to make money online by teaching Spanish.

1) Create a Website

First and foremost, you need to create a website and make your online presence known in a professional manner. List your educational qualifications pertaining to the Spanish language along with your teaching methodology. If you wish to charge per session or by the hour, make sure you list that as well. To create a professional looking course, use tools such as ZippyTools or Teachable.

2) Make Your Presence Felt on Social Media Platforms

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Once your teaching time-table has been clearly laid out, you can link your website with a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter. Create a profile on these platforms and then write extensively on your unique teaching methods.

3) Send Traffic to Your Website

By blogging about your teaching methods and skills and posting them to various article marketing platforms such as ezine articles, HubPages, Reddit etc, you can start sending traffic to your website. Alternatively, if you have money to spare, you can advertise in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If you want to save money and still manage to get targeted traffic, advertise your business using Facebooks ads. Paid adverts get you highly targeted traffic that usually converts into clients.

4) Hookup With Online Course Marketplaces

An ideal way to attract thousands of students to your online course is by posting your course on online marketplace such as Udemy. If you have not yet created your online course, make use of the tools provided by Udemy and create your first course. This way, you will not be spending a single dime on expensive online marketing methods and still manage to send thousands of targeted visitors to your course. Once your online course is created, place it on other marketing platforms such as Clickbank and Skillshare to gain more exposure.

5) Video Marketing

While traditional marketing methods such as PPC campaigns and Social Media is ideal, you can easily double your student enrollment if you make a video presentation. For example, create a video pertaining to your online Spanish classes and post it on YouTube. While doing so, ensure that you write a suitable content (more than a 300 word description) underneath the video describing your online course then link your website somewhere in the written description. Within a few months, you will see a sizable growth in the total number of students that enrolled for your course.

6) Multiple Courses and Free Giveaways

In order to attract more students, you might want to offer a discount to the first few students. You can also create short, informative eBooks that you can give to your students from time to time. These freebies need to be linked to your course enrollment page. Also, create more than a single online course to test which works better and attracts more students. Create several short (5 minute) video lessons in your online course to help students understand the concepts in a much better way.

7) Skype Tutorials

Skype tutorials are a great way to do virtual face-to-face teachings with your students. This free service is perfect for teaching a class of students from a remote location. All you need is a Skype connection, a headphone (with a speaker and a mike) and a valid internet connection.

According to Global Industry Analysts (a marketing research firm), online teaching courses have generated over $150 Billion in terms of revenues in the year 2015 alone. This is going to further increase with each passing year. There are thousands of individuals making well over $10,000 a month just by teaching language courses online. By implementing the above methods, you can definitely be one of them!

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