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Make Extra Money With These Unconventional Jobs

Are you a student in college or a stay-at-home mom? Do you want to make money but can’t afford/don’t want to spend the entire day sitting behind a desk? If so, then read on for our top tips on how to make extra money without getting a “real” job.

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1. Hold a garage sale:

Clean out your storage closet, give your old stuff a thorough dusting and then hold a garage sale. Everybody ends up accumulating junk over the years. What you don’t need anymore may just be the item of dreams for another person. You can sell them at a garage sale or advertise on Craigslist or eBay. After you have sold the extra stuff you have in your house, visit flea markets to pick up things for a discounted price and sell them yourself.

2. Sign up for Online Surveys:

Nowadays there are lots of opportunities to make money from online surveys. Survey sites like SurveySavvy and Opinion Outpost allow you to redeem the points you get from doing surveys. You can redeem the points towards PayPal or gift cards. Yes, you might end up doing some mindless work, but at the end of the day, you’ll get cash in return.

3. Test websites and get paid:

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With loads of websites being created each day, you can actually get paid to test some of them. Website owners are willing to shell out cash to people who visit their site and perform tests looking for bugs. You have to sign up (at no charge) and will get notifications when a new site needs testing. After getting the notification, visit the site, test it and then submit a report of the experience you had. Some sites which help with this are:

  • StartUpLift.com
  • TryMyUI.com
  • Usertesting.com

Usertesting.com actually pays out $10 for each site review you submit.

4. Take up work as a Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant is the equivalent to being a remote secretary. There are lots of people who need help in various areas, such as running an online business or researching articles. As a virtual assistant, you can help them out and get paid in return. A virtual assistant’s work is typically administrative in nature. You’ll mainly be expected to do data entry, organize information, conduct research, and reply to emails. Not much expertise needed apart from being dedicated, organized and paying attention to details.

5. Start blogging:

Blogging is a great way to make extra money. It’s writing content for your own blog (or website). You can post recipes, articles, commentary or product reviews. There are bloggers out there who earn 6 figures and more in a year. Nowadays blogging is as simple as it can be, with dedicated platforms for blogging (like WordPress) which help you set up a blog in next to no time.

6. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is advertising products online and getting a commission on sales. Affiliate marketing is typically an extended way of making money from your blog. You will get paid for the referrals you provide to an online retailer. You can write a review of the product in question or provide a link to buy the product. Amazon has a well-paying affiliate marketing program. You can also sign up with other renowned affiliate networks like Commission Junction, eBay Partner Network, ClickBank or ShareASale.

7. Write for money:

The world wide web has a lot of opportunities to become a paid writer. More and more people are turning to writing to make a decent living. Content writing is quickly becoming a well-recognized profession that you can do from your home as long as you are good with words. Each and every website needs content, so this is a great opportunity to make extra cash.

Big companies have their in-house team of writers, but what do small businesses do? They usually outsource their content writing needs, and that’s where you can come in if you are a good writer. Websites like WritersDomain and DemandStudios are a couple of the writing sites available. If you are serious about making writing a career, get your name out there by blogging which can lead to guest blogging gigs. You should also consider becoming a full-time freelance writer by getting clients from sites such as Upwork and Freelancer.com.

Today there are lots of ways to make some extra money without getting a “regular” job. Our tips will help you get started. If you pursue these avenues with dedication, you will definitely find yourself with extra cash at the end of every month.

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