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7 Home Based Jobs That Pay 6 Figures or More

Are you tired of waking up every day, going to work to make millions of dollars for someone who is paying you hundreds of dollars? Or are you looking for a more flexible job that can earn you a decent amount of money without putting in crazy hours?

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We live in a “freelance economy” where people can work any time, from anywhere and for anyone. Most people prefer to work from home and they actually make a good amount of money from it. The only problem you’ll have to tackle is to stay away from scam artists. Don’t bother with emails that promise you thousands of dollars in earnings daily working from home. Building a legitimate business, even if it’s working from home, takes time and effort.

Here are some home based jobs that pay 6 figures:

1. Supervisory Attorney: $117,000- $152,000

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If you are an attorney, you don’t need to be in the office full time if you are not in court. There are a handful of postings online for supervisory attorneys who can work from home. You will be paid for preparing complex prepositions, providing legal advice and so much more.

2. Senior Medical Writer: $110,000- $115,000

We hear mostly of medical transcribing jobs but being a medical writer can earn you some good cash. Your main duty would be to edit medical writers’ submissions, writing documents, reviewing information and perhaps working with senior management to keep their projects on track. There are, of course, other duties that you can take up to make extra cash.

3. Senior Software Engineer: $100,000- $160,000

The list of software jobs you can do from home is very long. Most of the jobs require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree and experience in coding but the most important skill you need to have is problem-solving. You also need to demonstrate a strong desire to grow.

4. Director of Quality Improvement: $100,000- $175,000

You will work as part of a company’s operational and technical team. Some of your main duties will include designing and developing best practices relating to data architecture and systems administration.

5. Major Gifts Officer: $90,000

Your job would be to build relationships with prospective donors and persuade them with your sales skills to donate money. You might need to travel to meet these donors because it’s not easy to establish trustworthy relationships without making physical contact.

6. Audit Manager: $90,000- $110,000

Some of your main tasks would be to plan, lead and execute audits for clients. You will also work with your clients to understand the impact and outcome of your audit.

7. Director of Business Development: $100,000- $151,000

Your main responsibilities would be to drive sales for both established and new clients. You will also oversee the sales team if you happen to work for a large company.

Avoid Getting Scammed

The thought of earning 6 figures from home is definitely enticing but some opportunities presented to you might actually be scams. Some of the major scams people looking to work from home have encountered include:

1. E-mail from Recruiters

You might receive an email from a recruiter who claims they found your resume from an online job site. In the email, they will say that they think you are a perfect candidate for a new opportunity that they have. You might not remember ever applying for the job and if you did, the kind of information they ask from you should raise a few red flags.

They will ask you to send personal information such as a copy of your driver’s license, a pre-employment credit check, your bank account number and social security number. You don’t need to send this type of personal information to anyone in order to get employed.

2. Fake Jobs on Social Media

It’s not uncommon for people to post fake jobs and opportunities even on legit social media pages owned by well-known companies. Always Google the recruiter or employer to find out if they are genuine.

3. Bogus Jobs on Legitimate Job Boards

Just like on social media, scammers are capable of posting fake jobs on legitimate job boards. Always do your own research about the company before sending out an application. Don’t be fooled by job boards that insist employers need to pay in order to have their jobs posted. Scammers make enough money from their scams so it’s very easy for them to cover the cost for getting their jobs posted on a legitimate job board.

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