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5 Surefire Ways to Quickly Make 5k Online

If the latest statistical data is to be believed, then only 1% of all aspiring internet marketing enthusiasts are able to generate a suitable income to support their livelihood. The remainder 99% either struggle or are unable to generate enough income that allows them to quit their mundane 9-5 job. Nonetheless, if you aspire to be in the 1% bracket and quit your daily job for good, you will need to adopt the strategies that are being religiously followed by those internet marketers that fall in this “creamy” bracket.

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Taking cue from this statement, let me reveal the easiest and the most effective ways to generate a $5,000 monthly income using the internet

1) Create an Affiliate Website for Digital Products

Selling other people’s products is perhaps the most effective way to reach the 5k a month mark. First, you need to hire an affordable website developer (preferably from fiverr.com) and then choose a suitable platform that has a host of digital products. An example of such a platform is Clickbank.com.

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Pick any product that is listed at Clickbank and write a detailed review on it. Then post that review on your website and place the affiliate link of the reviewed product within your write-up. Whenever a customer reads your review and purchases the product through your affiliate link, you will then earn a commission.

2) Promote Major E-Commerce Websites

Another way to generate $5000/month promoting leading eCommerce stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Alibaba etc. These eCommerce websites are well known and customers have complete faith in their credibility. You can either promote the products listed on eCommerce websites by compiling highly informative reviews on your affiliate website or by running paid ad campaigns.

You need to first get affiliate approval from these eCommerce stores before you start promoting them. If you choose to promote these stores via content marketing, then this is an organic method that will take time to yield results (a year or even more). To get instant results, place PPC advert campaigns on Google or use social media platforms.

3) Seek Low Cost Ads That Yield High ROI

Rather than promoting your affiliate product via article marketing (as it is a rather lengthy process to generate results), you can use social media ad campaigns instead. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are ideal for placing ads that cost pennies on the dollar. If you learn the technique to place ads in the correct manner, you can generate as much as 200% ROI. Once you are in profit using Facebook and Twitter, it is highly recommended to start an Adwords campaign.

4) Write eBooks and Sell Them Online

Write an eBook (preferably on a highly searched topic) and list it on major online retail outlets, such as Clickbank.com. Affiliate marketers associated with Clickbank would then promote your digital product and for every sale they make, you pay them a handsome commission. For example, for a $30 eBook or a digital course, you pay your affiliate partner $10 for for bringing in the sale.

5) Native Advertising

This is yet another cost effective way to generate a sizable monthly income from your online ventures. Place a native ad on a suitable platform for your chosen niche. For example, place an advert for a weight loss product on Advertise.com and get a commission for each sale. It is quite similar to affiliate marketing, with the only difference being the money making method – rather than writing a lengthy review or investing in PPC or social media ad campaigns, you simply place an ad on a platform that specializes in native markets.

While the above mentioned methods will certainly help you achieve your $5000 a month mark, you need to be persistent in your efforts and patient as well. It may take a six months to a year to see any sort of success, but eventually your efforts will bring in results.

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