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3 FUN Ways to Make Money Online – These Are Unique

If you’re looking for fresh ways to make a living from the comfort of your home, continue reading to discover three innovative ways to make money online that you have probably never heard of.

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1. Slice the Pie – www.slicethepie.com

Slice the Pie started as a review site that paid avid music listeners to review new tracks from up and coming artists. Since it was founded, Slice the Pie has grown quite a bit and now has multiple ways to make extra money.

While you’ll still have the opportunity to review new tracks on a regular basis, you’ll also get the chance to help record labels and brands make decisions about their merchandise and marketing campaigns.

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To review a track, simply listen to the track for a minimum of 90 seconds. Then tell Slice the Pie what you enjoyed about the track and what parts of the track you didn’t like. Don’t be afraid to be honest if you thought that the lead vocalist screamed their way through the track or that the instrumental was too long.

If you choose to review a piece of merchandise, take a look at the provided images and information and tell Slice the Pie whether or not you’d be likely to purchase the item in question.

A word to the wise, if you post quality reviews on a regular basis, you’ll find that you’ll level up in no time. For each level that you achieve, your base pay for each review will increase significantly. Once you’ve earned your first $10, you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account.

2. The Forum Wheel – www.theforumwheel.com

If you actively post in forums, you may want to consider joining The Forum Wheel as you’ll get paid to post in new forums. How does The Forum Wheel work? The Forum Wheel connects new forum owners with everyday individuals who are willing to populate forums with quality posts. After all, a forum will struggle to get off the ground, if it can’t attract members.

One of the advantages to signing up on The Forum Wheel is that there is no minimum payout, so you can cash out whenever you want. So if you don’t have enough cash to pay your bills or to purchase a gift for a loved ones birthday, you can rely on The Forum Wheel to help you earn the extra cash that you desperately need to earn. Once you request a payment, you should receive your funds in a matter of hours.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to earn extra money, you can’t go wrong joining The Forum Wheel. After all, you’re totally in control of the forums you choose to post in so you can always choose forums based around your interests.

3. Microworkers – www.microworkers.com

Microworkers is a unique website since it allows members to take on small micro jobs in exchange for cash. After all, no one wants to get paid in gift cards or vouchers. Microworkers is a stable site which was founded in 2009 and has close to 892,000 satisfied members.

What types of jobs can you expect to come across? Jobs range from transcribing data to researching the top restaurants in a particular city to participating in an online university study for a prestigious college. The great thing is that the tasks are so unique and don’t take much time to complete, you’ll never get bored on this site.

It’s well worth signing up to Microworkers, Slice the Pie and The Forum Wheel. All three websites, pay higher rates than other websites in their industry and they all offer a fun and unique way to make money online. You will use them every day, I know I do!

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